Sunday, 21 May 2017

A flurry of of finishes and other tales

Hi everyone :) I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the lovely weather we have had today ... well at least at the mouse house at any rate ... I have managed to get the washing dry and put away :)
sooo please grab your cuppa with out further ado and a cookie too and get as comfy as you can while I begin...
This weekend is normally known as Hermitting Weekend ... brainchild of Joyze when she remembers these days and I have adopted it over on Friendly Stitchers in a bid to get things worked on / finished etc etc etc ..... well this weekend I have been on a roll was getting me down that I had had soooo many projects done and not anything done with them sooo I pulled my socks up , popped on my finishing head on and Voila ... I have got oodles  and oodles done yesterday and today *VBG :) and I have really enjoyed choosing things and how to finish them ... sooo the photos will be later for you to enjoy :)
A couple of weeks ago our resident swans have had 6 wee cygnets and they all looked very healthy and I managed to get some nice photos of them ..... I haven't seen them since but I think they are keeping them up the top end of the canal where they are more out of sight ...and ... last week while out with Master Bentley I saw..... wait for it ..... a beautiful owl ... I have managed to get some shots of said owl but they are not fantastic but you can see him, as he was always flying catching food for his youngsters, I feel privileged to be able to see him and for him to fly pretty close to me .....
I haven't been around as much as I would like to have been but things have been rather hectic at work and I had to apply for my own job due to there being too many admin in the office since the Tupe's had happened so there has been a tense few weeks to see if I was successful or not, luckily I was and go back to full time again once my holiday is over mid June :) and I have a lovely young girl to work alongside me as well now as my partner in crime
Last weekend Chris and I went to a new show at Harrogate convention centre .... (international halls) and considering we didn't think there would be much for us, it was quite an nice show and we managed to get some lovely goodies from there as well as being able to nip into Harrogate itself and have a wander round The Works and at Dutton's for Button's as well.
We called at the Wetherby Whaler for some tea on the way back so it made for a lovely day out :)
I have been busy stitching and working a bit more on the Linen and Thread Sal , With My Needle and Thread wip, finished off the RR's which are now on the way with DJ's stocking made up too ...done some more on the Cottages of the Month by LHN and started my Christmas in July exchange for my partner Roz ( I can't show you that one
The birds are still singing away merrily and it is almost 8.00pm here at the mouse house , Master Bentley is snoozing away on his bed near my chair tuckered out after his walk and ball games on the field earlier.
Yesterday my friend Amanda came round for a good ole chinwag and catch up and while she was here, it started to rain and we got a rainbow which I managed to catch on camera too :) she also gave me stitching orders for an ornament and a paperweight drum in her colours ...
ok doke the kettle has gone on again and while waiting for it I will find the photos for you :)
full moon the other night

baby Wren

Linen and Thread Sal progress

Started May in May two years later

DJ's RR finally finished :)

the big stocking's mine the wee one DJ's both stitched by DJ :)

Stash from show

fabric from Pinflair at show

and some more from Pinflair at the show

found in a charity shop at Harrogate :)

More stash from Show

and some more

Books from the works in the sale section all for £5.00

gorgeous sunset Wednesday night

Hurry up

just loved this shot

Mr Bobbin singing at me


Little bullfinch gathering stuff for nest

what would the caption be for this

last nights rainbow

wish this could have been in focus ...

ornaments finally finished


Honeybee Sampling finished on a serving board from Wilkinsons :)

all framed

Seasons greetings made into a candle wrap

finally finished onto a ted baker box :)

first ladybird of the season

gorgeous duck on the canal

Stitched this over 10 years ago too !!!!

finally framed

made into a wee hanging ( stitched well over 10 years ago !)

finished into a wee tray... ( came with bath goodies in it !)
Ice burg


wee gift for Julie in Australia

I forgot to mention that Julie received her wee gift so I can show it to you now ... think that is all for now folks so I shall love you and leave you and hopefully catch up with you all soon :) take care one and all and squeak to you all soon ... happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxxxx


Diana said...

Great finishing!

Vickie said...

You get to see such wonderful wildlife at your home. Beautiful pictures. Good for you finishing off such old stitching! :D

Donna G. said...

Love all the finished pieces! I need to pull out ALL my stitched projects snd have a finishing day!

Andrea said...

I need to have a day of finishing. I always used to finish what I stitched especially smalls, I need to get back in the habit again. Wonderful finishing. Love the wildlife photos.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Lovely photos as usual!! I really like the stitching on the board - very cool!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You have been a busy bee with all the final-finishing!
Love the progress on the Linen & Threads, also DJ's stocking, and her RR. Which design is that?
Also, great stash, what is the Serendipity book?

Julie said...

Linen and Threads is looking fabulous, a great choice of colours you chose for it.
Lots of wonderful finishes you created, such a mix of different things.
Stunning pic of the wildlife in your area, I think your gold finshes might be saying 'I told you not to go to near the edge'. Love the owl shots.
Nice new stash from Harrogate, lots to keep you busy and add to your lovely dresser storage!

cucki said...

I love all the finished piece ..they all so pretty
Hugs and smiles x

Southpaw Stitcher said...

You have been a busy mouse! Your finishes are gorgeous, and I love the photos of the birds, bugs and Master Bentley, too!

DJ said...

My goodness, where should I start? Well now, that's quite a haul you got at the show...lots of goodies there to keep your fingers busy! Your stitching is lovely and so are your finishes!! Thank you so much for finishing my stocking!! I can't wait to get my fingers on the the time that reaches here I'll have quiet a few to get finished...I'll need a weekend to get all mine done too! LOL I wish that pesky pond wasn't in the way so we could have a proper visit and a little chin wag as you say! Last, but not least, I truly admire your wildlife know my love of owls, wish I could have seen him/her in real life!! And the swans and master Bentley...give him a pat for me won't you?

Beth said...

A truly superior array of photos in this post, I don't even know where to begin...the owl, the swans, the finches, the rainbow! You and your camera have become an awesome team. Michelle thinking of you with the Manchester tragedy as you are Lancashire girl. I have a 2x great grandmother who was born in Manchester, so have always had a soft spot for it.

Sally said...

Super photos Mouse. So lovely to see the cygnets. DH has been to the mere this morning so said there are 6 down there. Must go myself but just didn't feel like it this morning.

All your stitching looks lovely. Nice haul from the show.

Sarah in Stitches said...

I love how you've finished these pieces, they're so creative! Lovely stash, and gorgeous stitching too! :D

Kaisievic said...

Mouse, I so enjoy reading your blog posts and looking at your wonderful photos. Lots and lots of gorgeous ones for us this time. Great stitching and FFOs, too.
I love the design you finished on the box - very clever of you. hugs, Kaye xxxx

Meari said...

Oh my... the swan babies are soooo cute! Wonderful finishes and stashing, too.

Jo said...

great photos Mouse and I love the one of Master Bentley. Think I may have to bring you a few of my completed projects to finish off LOL! Just don't have the time lately with my 3. Love the cottages, you know what I'm like for monthly projects xx

phann son said...

I love all the finished piece ..they all so pretty