Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

Hellooooooo waving a wee paw at you all .... hope you are all well and surviving the run up to the celebrations ..... I will apologise in advance that no cards or presents have been sent before the big day ... I have two excuses 
1 ) lost my address book with all your address's in it ... it is somewhere in the craft room sooo if any one spots it squeak loudly ... but in the mean time can you resend me address's via my email
2)  * sigh ,I ran out of time, energy and tea bags ....

Soooooo I will be doing wee gifties throughout the year  as RAK's  and starting the preparations for next Christmas  on New Years Day heheheheh. 
My needle has been busy and I have finished the Holly and Ivy by LHN , managed to find the poinsettia button that has been missing for weeks in the hunt for said address book soo not all doom and gloom, I have also finished stitching my secret piece and hopefully with the few days I have off over the Christmas period I will be able to get more work done on finishing finishing ....and then I will be able to start my Quilt .... there is still plenty of time left if any one else would like to stitch a square for me :)
Hmmmm what else have I been doing ... quite frankly apart from work not much else, I've not even been on walk or anything with my camera or Master Bentley... but hoping that will change soon, I keep hinting at work I would like to drop a day in spring .... you have to break it gently heheheh I have now been given a posh title of "Auditor "  I said to one of my work mates it sounds like the terminator I will be back heheheheh. We had a christmas jumper day at work and a wee buffet and the money we paid in is going to be given to charity , I even sang for the office ... I think I surprised them heheheh.
I have decked the mantle piece out with all my christmas ornies and it looks lovely,I  even remembered to take a photo .... so now I am feeling a wee bit more festive ... the DD's and I tackled the last bit of the food shopping tonight and couldn't believe how busy it was , we actually got through quicker than we thought and should quite happily hermit for the next week on what we got 
and that is exactly what I am going to do is hermit in my craft room from Saturday onwards till Tuesday soooo if any one cares to join me feel free to pull up a chair with your stitching and I will supply tea and cake :)

Wishing you a merry Christmas love Master Bentley

Holly and Ivy LHN

sunrise on the shortest day 

the sun through the fence

wooo hooo that button is in place

hung up looking festive ;0

the mantle with the ornies on ... lights are not switched on
forgot DOH !!!

the moon the other night when I got home from work

but I switched them on for these too whoop 

and to all a good night
I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you lovely goodies and that you get to spend the time with friends and families but also time to stitch too :) take care one and all and thank you all for keeping me company this year and for all your friendships too , Merry Christmas from the mouse house xxxxxxx


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you! I've enjoyed your blog. Hope your New Year is lovely!

Vickie said...

A Merry, Blessed Christmas to you Michelle!

Tricia T said...

Merry Christmas, Mouse! (I love that adorable picture with the mouse and the teddy bear!!!)

Annette-California said...

Merry Christmas and many blessing for the New Year!
love Annette

butterfly said...

Oh my lovely man looks so happy it's Christmas, dear Bentley.
Oh mouse no wonder you don't have much time with going to work , I can't find enough time and I am a free bird I must be getting slower never enough time here.
Love your stitching and all your decorations , all looks wonderful.
Have a Wonderful Christmas time , and enjoy a good rest hugs.

cucki said...

Wishing you a very blessed and Merry Christmas xx

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing, as always. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

gracie said...

Merry Christmas to you!

Carol said...

Hope Bentley finds some goodies for himself under the tree, Mouse! Merry Christmas to you!

Andrea said...

Wonderful d├ęcor. Master Bentley looks pleased as punch already and Santa hasn't even arrived yet!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

Julie said...

Christmas Blessings from our home to yours.
Wishing you a relaxed and peaceful Christmas.
Your mantle looks delightful.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your mantelpiece looks great, very festive.
Glad you found the missing poinsettia too.
I keep emails with addresses in on my computer as well as in an actual address book.

Maggee said...

Love the poinsettia button--really tops off that ornie perfectly! And Holly and Ivy--how did I miss that one?! It is cute! I love LHN designs... Master Bentley is cute as ever... thanks for the shot of him! May 2016 be a more stitchy year for you! Hugs!

Chris said...

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful Mouse!
Your mantle looks amazing, so many beautiful ornaments.
Wishing you all the best in 2016!

KimM said...

Merry Christmas, Michelle - what a lovely, lovely post - as always. I love your idea of doing random RAKs for next year - I think I'll borrow your idea and do the same...instead of exchanges, etc.
Have a stupendous 2016!!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching! And your ornaments look so lovely on your mantel :D

Beth said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas Michelle. Such pretty decorations.