Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stitching, Stash and the Same Celebrity :)

Hi every one :) hope you are all as well as can be expected ... the kettle has just boiled and I do have some cookies in and I think some cake too ... help yourselves with your brew :)
Well I must apologize for not bobbing round as promised to your blogs this last week but I haven't had any spare time to do much to be honest ... hopefully normal service will resume asap :)
The stitching side of my title is not very much I have managed to finish the exchange piece for Libbie my partner over on Friendly Stitchers  and have decided how I am going to finish it and that is a far as anything has got .... and as such I can't reveal it any hoo
The stash side is a wee bit more heheheh .... Its not all stitching stash but to do with stitching ... I have bought some fabulous bureau drawers and a cute sewing box for my new room when it is finished ....and a couple of items from the charity shop which caught my eye .. I even remembered to have my camera with me to show you them and how the room is progressing a wee bit :)
I did buy some more fat quarters but that is another story
On Saturday morning Ally and I took the mouse mobile to a wee village not far from the mouse house where my celebrity was signing his book again, yes you've guessed it Stuart Hillard was at the Oh Sew Sweet Shop and we called in on the way and got Chris to join the merry gang to go and say hello again :)
We had a fabulous couple of hours were I got to be the photographer for a few peeps while they had their photos taken with Stuart ... even I managed to have one taken as well eeekkkk  and Stuart is as lovely and entertaining in real life as he is on the tv:) he was telling how things were done for the Great British Sewing Bee and he also had some of his quilts with him (the ones that are in the book ) and boy are they nice and my kind of level of quilt making too .... soooo much sew that I have booked in for his class there in October .... eeeekkk I will have to get the machine out and have a practice :) I joked that I was his number one stalker (in a nice way ) and one of the ladies said "well you know you have made it when you have one " hahahahah.. I bought some Christmas fabric just because  and also some lovely pastel fabric for my new room to do something with .... and I wasn't going to get anything whoops .....
My other bit of stash is a chart from Belinda  from Samplings  from a blue ribbon ....she is doing another 60 mile walk over three days to raise money for Breast Cancer research and other excellent avenues with her team "Twinkle Toes ... if you click on the link it will explain it all in more detail ... I donated last year and also this and can't wait to get the charts kitted up and started :)
Gaynor from StitchersAnon fame is also doing something for this worthy cause ... for every euro you donate you will get a raffle ticket and you could win one of the lovely prizes donated .. I need to wait until my next pay day now to get my raffle ticket due to being skint now ...see above 
oooo and I remembered I have got the "Without a mouse " chart by BBD .. I ordered it at the Harrogate show from Trudy Ann and it arrived this week :)
I have it authority that the sweetie bouquet I made for Jennifer was delicious and I realized that I hadn't show you the finished project .... that I shall remedy in a few minutes ...
This morning Ally and I took Master Bentley for a pootle in the woods and I took my camera with me ... there were thousands of mushrooms all over the place and I managed to take a few decent photos of them too and we bumped into Jasper who is a wolf hound crossed with a lab ... he can smell yummies a mile off ... he sat for a photo for me with the promise of one ... this I gave to his dad to give him as once you have given him one ...he bounds at you all the more  It was a lovely walk and you can tell the season is changing ... the leaves are starting to turn brown and fall from the trees like a flurry of snow and there are signs that the squirrels are hiding the nuts for through the winter .... It was a lovely walk and we were out for ages .... needed a restorative cuppa when we got in ... Ally was amazed at how many grapes we have on the vine and they are just about turning from green to black .... once the birds have had their fill on them the vine is going to be cut right back and hopefully we can claim a wee bit more of the garden I was amazed as well to see that the million bell clematis that is on the fence had a flower out in bloom today too .... 
Well I have just made another brew and shall join you in sipping it mouse like while I upload the photos for your perusal :)
hellooooooo :)
this is soooo me :)

my new welsh dresser

found the perfect mirror for the room too

start of operation back to black :)

just a wee bit more to go heheheh

Stuart signing some books at the shop

my new sewing box 

my new big  fabric drawers :)

stitching box closed 

new door ...getting there :)

Ally , Stuart and Chris

one of the ladies helping Stuart show off his quilts 

another colourway which is just me :)

apparently this one took a weekend 

charity shop finds :)

whoops a wee bit of stash 

inside the Oh Sew Sweet Shop

Mouse and Stuart :)

the moon last night

this made me giggle ... zipper lighter ,

million bell flowered in September 

escaping back to the car 

Hellooo from Jasper

grapes any one ???

Jennifer's present :)

Soooo there you have it folks, another chapter in the life of the stitching mouse :)... I hope you have enjoyed your visit today and that you all have a wonderful stitchy week ... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx


butterfly said...

You have been a busy mouse .
Wow you have some lovely things for your new craft room.
Love that shop looks so good how I wish I could visit.

Wonderful photos thanks for sharing .

Enjoy your week.

Michelle said...

Lovely new furniture for your craft room. I read your post and got all excited when you mentioned the Great British Sewing Bee thinking you had seen Patrick and at first glance thought Patrick has gained some weight! Then I realised it wasn't Patrick. I don't know Stuart Hillard he must have done the first show? I have met Patrick a couple of times and he is as sophisticated as he is on the show. So nice. I made a donation to Gaynors fund-raising also its a very worthwhile cause isn't it x

cucki said...

Yummy post :) with lots of goodies
Beautiful furniture and lovely stash
Enjoy x

Vickie said...

Oh wow! Oh wow! Your new home is going to be soooo awesome! That furniture Michelle! Wow! Excellent job!
Aww, Bentley's friend Jasper looks to be a very happy boy. :)

Margaret said...

I love your new furniture!!! I'm just drooling over it! lol! Looks like the new mouse house is shaping up nicely! So exciting! Exciting about Stuart too, of course. Love seeing him and the quilts and all!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your new furniture! Your room is looking great! The dogs are adorable!

Kate said...

Great update Mouse - ypu've managed to get some great pieces for your sewing room, I love the fireplace.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely new furniture for your crafty room. It's going to look so good when it's all finished.
Love the Mouse chart, Kaye just bought that one too, great minds think alike LOL.
Sounds like you have been having a lovely busy time too.

Linda said...

Wonderful pictures mouse. I so enjoy seeing them.


Denise SA said...

Dear Mouse so envious of your new furniture and that chart from BBD

DJ said...

Wow, you have been one busy lady!! Absolutely LOVE the new furniture for your room, and the progress on your fireplace!! I'm watching with baited breath as you make the room your own! What fun to meet Stewart again, I'm sure having a stalking mouse makes him feel FAMOUSE! LOL I hope you get some time to stitch now that fall is closing in on least that's my hope for myself too! Give Bentley a pat for me!!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Looks like you've been quite a busy little mouse! Love our catch ups. Have a good week.

Andrea said...

Your new craft room is going to be fantastic, I bet you really cant' wait to start filling it up! Love all of your new bits and bobs. Lots of wonderful goodies too.

Beth said...

Your Welsh dresser is to die for Michelle! And oh Stuart's quilts - how can you ever chose which one to start? Envious of all your mushrooms. We are too dry to have any in the woods.

Sarah in Stitches said...

You've been busy! Great new stash, and you're right, that Without a Mouse chart was made for you! :D

Kaisievic said...

Such a lovely, busy post, Mouse. I love all of your new sewing room pieces and it sounds like you had lots of fun in your role as #1 stalker and mushroom hunter. I have just bought the Without a mouse pattern too and I thought of you when I bought it, natch!

Jayne said...

I will watch out for the results off your workshop with Stuart . Hope you have as much fun I also have a bag workshop with him next week.

Sally said...

Lots of lovely photos Mouse. That chart is so you!

Anne said...

Loads of lovely photos to look at! I adore your new sewing box, fabric dresser and welsh set! Wow! Seriously great finds. Bents and Jasper are so cute. Did he eat the mushroom? I love how you went to see Stuart a second time. Great photo of you two!! Hugs!!

Brigitte said...

Wow, mouse, your craft room will be so beuatiful with all this new furniture. That sewing box is so gorgeous.

Solstitches said...

My goodness where do I start to comment on all the lovely things in this post.
Your dresser is fabulous as are all the other pieces you have gathered together for your sewing space.
Lucky you to be taking a class with Stuart. Does this mean you are now into quilting? I shall look forward to seeing some of the things you make.

Stitching Noni said...

Lucky you meeting Stuart :)
We recently had the "Sewing Bee" on TV and I really did enjoy the show.. Hope there is more to come....
Love your Welsh Dresser!
Looking forward to seeing your finishes:)
Hugs xx

stitcherw said...

What wonderful pictures you posted for us to enjoy, the quilts I especially enjoyed. I've made 2 in the past, a crazy quilt one (with just flannel block squares pieced together) and a log cabin style one, which was enough for me to really appreciate all the work that went into the larger ones being shown in the picture. Very cute house mouse pattern you got too, I'll look forward to seeing some pictures of your working on it when it is started. Sue