Saturday, 23 August 2014

Happy Summer! every one .... that's if it is still around brrrr 

I am the next person to receive a postcard in the Summer Postcard Blog Hop. that was thought up by the brilliant and witty Jo from Serendipitous stitiching where we get sent a wonderful stitched "postcard" from any where in the world and with a small wee note from them too :)

My "post card" comes from Maggee of Stitching Devotee -

Her message is: 
“This is one of my favorite pieces, Joyful Summer, by Country Cottage Needleworks. I did not follow the colors exactly, and I added beads instead of French knots. The FRAME is what makes it pop! When I chose it, my LNS owner agreed that it would make the piece pop! But my FRAMER actually refused it at first—she thought it was ugly! Of course, she acquiesced, and found out otherwise! I display this every Summer.

Summertime is the time of year that we really concentrate on our backyard Garden. With very limited room, due to trees shading our yard, we have learned to plant only what we like. This year my husband is more involved (he needed another hobby!) and has actually taken charge! He is so delighted and ‘Joyful’ to be growing foods he likes. He goes out most every day now, and comes back with a handful of veggies! Another ‘Joy’ of Summer is that it is when we see lots of birds! We have seen a nest built by the House Finches, only to be uprooted by Mourning Doves!  Then we saw our White-Headed Robin again—this is the 3rd year, because it couldn’t be inherited, could it? And just this week I saw 4 Flickers!! It is a very beautiful time of the year. ”

the Summer Postcard Blog Hop has been to a few places already so here is the latest list: so please go and say hello to these and grab a cuppa on your way :)

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Off to go and put the kettle on again ... hopefully back soon with some stitching and other news too :) take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Hello Mouse

A lovely postcard and it sounds like you love your garden.
Summer has gone from where I live too (:

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely postcard that you have received. I have been following the summer postcard blog hop from the beginning and it's a lot of fun to see where the postcards come from and where they go to.

cucki said...

Sweet postcard :)
Hugs x

Vickie said...

This is a sweet postcard from Maggee. Made all the sweeter by her words about her husband. He is in critical care this week and needs much prayer.

butterfly said...

Lovely post card and words .

Anne said...

Lovely postcard from Maggee. So nice to read everyone's summer musings and see something stitched. xoxo

Julie said...

Super postcard and writings from a friendly blogger, will pop along and visit her....

Christine said...

Such a lovely postcard

Justine said...

Lovely postcard - she was right about the frame too!

Barb said...

Maggee's post card is just lovely!

Thoeria said...

What a lovely postcard :) I can't wait for summer to grace our shores :)

Maggee said...

Just a quick visit to say I am glad you liked my 'postcard'! That is one of my most favorite pieces. Couldn't have been sent to a nicer blogger! Hugs!

Astrids dragon said...

Adorable finish! And to get things from your own garden, what a plus.

Anonymous said...

oh, we didn't get much summer either, mouse! it has been a never ending pouring and boiling of hot water! :P
Maggee, I really don't get your framer, this piece looks so adorable, I'm glad you persued her to frame it. your garden looks like the center of your summer activities, how sweet to be surrounded by birds all the time. :)