Friday, 1 June 2012

Forced by needlepoint to blog

Hi everyone :) I have been forced by needlepoint to up date my blog as apparently it is the only way my DD 1 can find out what I have been up to with out having to actually speak to me hahahahahah ..... the wonders of modern technology ;0
She has been nagging me for the last few days to update .... sooo here I am , sat here with a cool drink trying to remember what I have been up too hehehe.....
The kettle is on for any one who wants one and guess what ???? back by popular demand...... the cakes!!!!! hehehehe
ok   I think I have remembered some of it .... soooo I started a week last Wednesday the SAL with Sally .... we are doing the LHN and Shakespeare's pedlar collaboration and we have both started on the LHN one first ...... can you remember I thought I had found the perfect fabric for it ??? well when I did that tidying up and sorted out all the fabric I found a silkweaver fabric in 32 count that was called Sundown and when I did a floss toss, I much preferred that than the one I had originally found :)  so merrily I did start and continued to stitch on it this last Wednesday night too :0 so I shall show the photos later as per .....
Then a week last Thursday I had another interview but didn't get the job either .... I have sent off for feedback and am awaiting their reply :) that night it was stitching night at Bev's hence the cup cakes hehehehehe ..... I worked on my Pumpkin Cottage by CCN which is one of my crazies ....the next day DH and I went out on a date to look for a new cooker and finally managed to order one to come in a couple of weeks ... this was our choice so that we can sort out the back of where it will go, as some tiles fell down the back of the old one a few years back and as you couldn't see this, we left it until we had to do something about it......... .....that night we went out with some friends  for a curry and as I was feeling brave we walked it there ..... to tell the truth it was soooo lovely I wanted to have a cider for a change and as I refuse to even sniff a drink when driving .... walking it was ......
Did I mention that we had a week of lazy hazy days of summer ..... we are back to the rain now ... but it was gorgeous but very very hot and my silver highlights have now gone bronze ;0  
Saturday afternoon Kath and I went to the garden centre and had a wander round followed by the much needed drink and cake hehehehh ......then in the evening DD1 and I went out to some friends to watch the Euro-vision contest and it was fantastic and I absolutely adore the winners  (Sweden)and Spain's entry and I really liked ours too :0 
Sunday passed in a blurr of shopping with DD1 followed by the first of many barbeques of that week :) the things you have to do when no cooker 

MMMMM stitching wise I managed to get the main part of DJ's picture done and all I have to do now is the last bit of the sky yeahhhhhh :)
so then I'd better get the kettle on again heheheh ...
ok so this week I have spent sorting out the craft room and putting things back where they should be and labelling the boxes so at least I have an idea where they are heheheh .... and I've put up some bunting in honour of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations ..... well it passes for me, as it is red white and blue ;) I have still got a wee bit more sorting to do but that will wait now as I need to get some stitching done as feeling withdrawal symptoms
I even managed to get a tiny bit of weeding done as well and Vickie I found a couple of paler pink peonies on the other side just asking to be photographed for you :) and my wee cherry blossom tree has actually got cherries on it this year !!!!! ..... and I've notice my orchid has grown a new leaf and a new stem for flowers today ... I am soooo pleased to see this new growth :)

ooooooo yeah I stitched a wee welcome gift for Pumpkins new arrival and I can now show it to you as it has finally safely arrived at their house ... only took over a month to get there !!!! She loves it as I took inspiration from the nursery and made a wee cushion with his name on and that it was his room with a character from a Margaret Sherry chart from one of the magazines I have :) I have covered his name up btw ......

can you remember wayyyy back  at the end of March ..... what you need another drink to help???? *sigh ohhhh go on then ....when I had a wee accident with my ankle .... well I finally had to go to the Dr's as it has started to give me grief and hasn't got any better ...... the upshot was I had to go for an xray ....... yeahhh I know you said I should have gone back then  but ..... there is a possibility I may have fractured it , but will hopefully get the results next week and take it from there .... I know I have done something !!! it sort of still looks the same :(

I am hoping this week will be much better on the stitching front as I have so much to do and can't seem to get, to do ..... mind you if I actually stayed in a wee bit more it would help hehehehe
ok I had better find the photos and let you drool over the cakes ..... good job I actually took a photo of them as not much stitching to show hahahahahah
beginning of  SAL with Sally

cup cakes at Bev's :)

can you guess how much I have done

carrot cake at the garden centre

Kath's piece of chocolate cake

oooo oooo cold cold 

ahhhhhhhh loving this 

my paws are cooollll now 

paler pink ones for Vickie

this is soooo tiny 

almost there :0

Wednesday's SAL

all bunted up and tidier well at least that corner heheheh :)

for Pumpkins wee one :)
and it was soooo hot DD1 bought Bentley a paddling pool which he loves and he even enjoyed an ice lolly too .... in fact he tried to pinch it off me ....
we are back to typical bank holiday weather of rain and coolness which is actually quite nice after the temps we have been having ....  
in fact that leads me to ask .... all those who sew /quilt etc  I have a problem in the heat with my crutch .... I react to the plastic and it makes it very uncomfortable to walk with it against my arm unless I have a long sleeve on ... any idea how I could make a cover ?? or something to go over the cuff bit ??? if you could help can you email me thanks :)
well I have written another essay hheheheh ... so I shall leave you all in peace for another few days ..... I am slowly catching up on the blog reading and will squeak to you all again soon :)
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx


Margaret said...

Sounds like you all have been very busy! But it also looks like you managed to get some stitching done anyway. All very nice! Is Bentley looking forward to the Queen's jubilee celebration? :D Wish I could be there for it. Have fun!

Jennifer M. said...

You have been a busy lady! Love your little crafty corner. The weather has been the pits too down here in Southwest USA. I hope everything is okay with your ankle and that it is nothing too serious. :)


Peggy Lee said...

Our weather has been crazy here too.....very hot and now tonight we might have to turn the heat on!

Those cakes look so good. This bowl of soup I am sitting here eating doesn't taste so good anymore after drooling over them. I am ready for dessert.

Hope the results from the x-ray aren't too bad but if there is something wrong in there maybe it's good to know so you can start to mend!

Have a comfy, stitchy weekend.


Vickie said...

Oh Mouse I am so sorry your ankle is still causing such pain. The peony is just gorgeous. ♥ And just look at Bentley! A pool and an ice lolly! My goodness! What an awesome name for it. We just call them popscicles! Mabel loves to swim too! But we will just have to wait and see on that!

blue star stitcher said...

I love those pics of Bentley in her pool, I bet she loves it to cool off in. I hope your ankle heals, and that its not an actual fracture.

Ruth said...

Hope your ankle is on the mend soon, maybe stay in and rest it up and stitch lol. Oh those cakes well where would I start...ha with one of each please. Bentley's pool just looks lovely for hot days and we to are back to the rain again. Love the bunting and I hope you get some stitching in this week.

mdgtjulie said...

I bet you could make a pocket for it, Mouse. Take two pieces of fabby an inch bigger than the crutch is long, sew them together right side in, turn them, and hem the top/bottom. Then drop it over the plastic part, and voila! Hope your ankle feels better soon. (And yes, you SHOULD have gone for x-rays back then. Bad Mouse!!!!! Your poor wee ankle!) Lovely stitching by both you and Sally. I like your fabby choice better though!! Bently looks happy as a pig in slop!! Glad you're having cooler weather now. We had a hot weekend too. It was awful, in the mid nineties. Ugh! Hope things are going well at the Mouse house!!

Beth said...

lvoe your cosy corner with the happy bunting! So cheery!

Shirlee said...

I hope your ankle feels better soon! I love all the photos! Enjoy your weekend!

butterfly said...

Hello sweet Mouse you have been busy with your sewing , and the eating of all those wonderful cakes yummy. Your sewing looks really pretty.
Love your bunting and the pink peony beautiful flower.
So sorry about your ankle hope it will soon be sorted for you. Well my Mouse really enjoyed your post again have a fun weekend. Hugs.

Kate said...

I'm glad you're getting your ankle sorted out. I always love your photos, thanks.
I wouldn't mind some warmer days here - its winter and wet this weekend.

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. Love your progress pictures of your stitching. The cake looks gorgeous, I really miss this type of cake. Great pictures of bentley and your flowers.

Sally said...

Lovely stitching Mouse. I am enjoying the SAL. Yours looks gorgeous on the Silkweaver fabby. Will update my blog in the next few days.

Hope you get your ankle sorted and feel much comfier.

Aww Bentley! He looks like he's really enjoying that lolly.

Yana Hanim said...

I dont droll over ur cake but I droll looking at ur corner! it looks so cozy!

Lija said...

Would love one or two of your cakes. Good luck on your doctor report, and for future job hunting. Jealous of your little decorated corner. And the giraffe is amazing! Do you remember what magazine it came from? Good luck with stitching!

Shari said...

you have been very!!! And oh my! All the goodies look wonderful...sure hope you get to be feeling better soon!!!!

Minnie said...

You've gotten a lot of beautiful stitching done already, but you need to stay off that ankle. So sit back with a cuppa and a piece of yummy cake and relax in your lovely decorated corner.

Petitesxxx et Cie said...

First of all, I hope your ankle feels better soon!
Love your pink peony and your LHN stitching (great start).
Take care

Anonymous said...

wonderful stitching Mouse, love the LHN sal piece, Bentley is gorgeous too, I also have a springer spaniel, we put out the paddling pool last week but he wouldn't go into it, then yesterday he chose to sit in a great big dirty puddle! he wasn't to keen on the ice lolly either, but he does love ice cream :)
hope your ankle get's better soon x

Patty C. said...

Great progress on your SAL. Your gift for pumpkin's little one is precious! !!! & -The dog is adorable with the ice lolly - lol

Julie said...

Super fabby for your SAL with Sally, growing nicely.
Love the giraffe beauty for Pumpkins little man.
Mmm carrot cake, my favourite.
Bunting looks really lovely, a cosy craft room to play in
Enjoy the bank hol weekend even with the drizzly rain and coldness of it.

Linda said...

Great stitching on all your pieces. Hope your ankle gets better real soon. Bentley is too cute.


Catherine said...

I do hope you find some relief where your ankle is concerned!
Your posts are always so full of wonderful goodies ~ baked, stitched, puppy and flowers!!

Jenny said...

Oh, that pink "Fabric" SAL is gorgeous - can't wait to see the further progress!
Love your stitching corner with all the festive buntings too. I could totally curl up there for a loooong nap! LOL
Bentley is adorable as usual - what a sweetie!
The giraffe piece is super-cute and you are flying along on the light-house.. you have been busy!
Thanks for all the cake pics btw... suddenly I feel the urge to eat a marzipan carrot! :-)

Christine said...

Great stitching and great cake! I love the picture of Bentley in the paddling pool.
At the risk of sounding silly, could you just pop a cotton sock over the top of the crutch?

Chris said...

Bentley looks so happy!
I think it is funny that your daughter has been bugging you to update. My DH likes reading my blog too to see what I have been up to and find out what I am thinking?!?
Ok, I seriously think I need some cake now. It looks like you are making great progress on all your stitching. The pink fabric for your SAL is lovely.
I LOVE seeing your stitching nest. The bunting looks great.
Have a lovely week.

♥ Nia said...

hahaah Bentley eating an ice cream! so cute! =)
oh my.. all those cake pictures looks so delicious.. I'm getting hungry :p LOL
Lovely stitching, you've been a busy bee :) What you made for Cathey's Junior is adorable! And I'm a fan of Margaret sherry's designs ;) hehehe Always so cute!
I hope you're enjoying your weekend and I wish you a happy June!!!
hugs&smiles to you

Carol said...

I've got to stop visiting your blog before breakfast--now all I want to eat is cake, cake, cake!! Lovely stitching, as always, Mouse! And I love how Bentley cools himself down with a Popsicle :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Lovely stitching! garden center doesn't have carrot cake - which is probably a good thing! Love Bentley's ways of cooling himself :-).

Michelle said...

You are a temptress with all that lovely Cake! Love the picture of Bentley x

Mary Ann said...

WOW! You have been a busy little bee(or mouse, I guess) : ) Your stitching is lovely as always, and Bentley certainly knows that cooling off with a popsicle is the way to do it!! I hope your ankle gets better soon.

rosek1870 said...

You have been one busy lady!! I love all your pictures. I have a patio made of the same rocks you do. I would send a picture but my daughter took my camera to Guyana with her yesterday. I will get it back on June 20th. Have a great month,

Kaisievic said...

Your stitching with the lighthouse is really nice, Love your craft corner with the bunting.

Annette-California said...

Many of my family members have also not cared for the rubber armrest on the crutches. We've taken a wash cloth or hand towel and wrapped it around the top of the arm rest. We used tape (masking tape) to secure the cloth underneath.
I sure enjoyed reading your post. I laughed so many times. Feel better and I'm craving CAKE:))
Hugs to you - Annette

Anne said...

That's so cute that your D1 nagged you to post!! I love lazy hazy days! Wish I was able to do that! Love your stitching!! Especially that little giraffe one for Pumpkin! So cute!! Oooh, your "wee" craft corner is so inviting. Mind if I come by and sit in that chair?!! Bentley. Oh Bentley!! So cute!


Veronica said...

I am now hungry for cakes, Mouse. LOL! Bentley looks like he's really enjoying the ice lolly.

Lovely stitching. Good progress on the LHN Shakespeare Peddler collaboration. Love the fabric you've switched to. Don't remember seeing Sundown on Silkweaver's website before. The pillow you made for Pumpkin's baby is so cute.

Aww sorry to hear you didn't get the job. Take good care of that ankle.


Thoeria said...

Cupcakes....carrot cake....AND chocolate cake! I am in cake heaven! YUMMY! :) They all look absolutely scrummy!
And the stitching looks good too :) LOL No seriously, great stitching - though I admit that when I heard there were cake pics I first scrolled down to the pics to have have a look see ;-D

Rebecca said...

Breathtaking handwork! Love your MUSE!


RuthB said...

Mouse -- such accomplishments! despite the heat and the job hunt -- my fingers remain crossed on your behalf.

Oh, and thanks for making me want cake for lunch now. Sigh.

Happy stitching!

Maureen said...

oh nice cakes! and your craft room was looking very patriotic..

Meari said...

Those desserts look SO yummy!!!

Pretty stitching.

Bentley looks like he enjoyed both the popscicle and the pool :)

Pete's Pixie said...

Bet you can't guess who this is??!!!!! Success at last - look out blogging world I am BACK!!!!! xxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Whew if I was reading that out loud I would of gone throug two cups of tea and had to take a deep breath when I was done!

Sorry to hear your job interview wasn't successful.

Look at all of the wonderful stitching you have done!

Solstitches said...

I love how festive your conservatory looks with the bunting etc.
Lots of lovely stitching and lots of yummy cake pics too.
Hope you will soon find the perfect job for you.

Denise SA said...

Love your bunting and am so jealous of your conservatory .
I received the chart for the Stitchers heart but not started yet.