Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Doggy Disclaimer !!!!

Hi every one :) well it is a very grey and dull day here at the mouse house and my get up and go has got up and gone too :(
I have been told that I must point out a very serious error here on my blog ...lol 
Bentley is MY  GIRLS dog    .... I am the grannie and have no legal ownership of him  heheheh (but I do get all the morning cuddles ;) DD1 has been reading and moaning for the last few updates that you all think that he is mine,all mine .... heheheheh 
soooo I am being forced  nagged to set the record straight .... so there you are ... done !!!

onto the fun stuff ... grab a cuppa .. biscuits are in the tin, help yourselves ...
right are you sitting comfortably ????
well I managed to frog the letters I had done one up on the February Cottage sal by CCN .... you would think that by now I could count one up ????  and I have stitched all of the house and have only got a couple of hours more to do on it then I can start March's ....followed by April etc etc etc ....
I sat down on Wednesday night to do the Summer splendor sal with Sally at home as I couldn't get any petrol due to folks panic buying and had just got a few stitches in when DD2 asked if I could go with her to walk Bentley at the back of the canal as it was dropping dark by this time .... sooo I grabbed my coat and stick and off we went ..... things were going fine until just after we met another doggy friend and then WHOOPS !!!! as I put my foot down onto some loose stones/twigs etc Bentley pulled and I heard something go POP in my right foot and my left calf at the same time .... well I yelled ouch rather loudly .... and yup that's all I yelled  ..lol and couldn't move for a few moments while I gingerly checked for serious damage ....... then tried putting weight on said foot etc and found although painful was ok to get me back home as we were in the middle of nowhere ... good job I use a stick normally ..lol 
sooo the upshot is .. I didn't get as far with my stitching as I wanted too ...and I've a lovely photo of my ankle to show you (look away if squeamish later ..lol) I had to use my sticks around the house for the next few days  but I am now back to "normal" (no witty comments to that please ...lol) in fact I think I actually put something back in place as I haven't had any pain from said ankle for days.. touch wood :)
we had some glorious weather after that so I was able to catch up with all the mousely duties of washing etc and sneaked some stitching in between ... did a wee bit more on DJ's present will show a sneak peak ...as I don't think you can tell what it is going to be, once it has been stitched up from it ....
I managed to get Kath's hedgehogs framed for her and another one she wanted doing and I even laced the back for this one as had enough fabbie to enable me to do it and pinned it first ... oooo was really impressed with myself even if it is me thinking it heheheheh
I've started Catherine's tusal gift and it looks lovely ...well I think soo ...lol 
did some more on my Band sampler design with drawing thread and re weaving .... I just love it, find it very therapeutic heheheh... seen 27 different versions of it and they all look fabulous :) well done girls :) and there is still more to come in :)
and I have been doing some more designing too ... watch this space ...... :)

well I must say that on Saturday the postie came and it wasn't for me from Niina  but for DD1 ..... dd is a great fan of Moomins and Niina sent her some lovely gifts and yummies for her and really made her day / weekend ...lol and she is still smiling folks !!!!! (this is very rare indeed..lol) 
my postie goodies came yesterday from Anita's little stitches my mothers day prezzie from DD1 and a few wee extras heheheh ... as you do ....

ok having realised this is going to be another long waffle the kettle has gone back on heheheheh    ....  hot cross bun any one ????
The garden centre at Wentworth is gorgeous and one of the best ones around the mouse house area ... I actually didn't buy anything this time which is unusual but I haven't had the time or the get up and go, to go out into my wee garden and tidy it up ready for something new .... so instead I shall show you something I got from there last year ... and the colours are just soooo me ...

I have sat and thunk while I have been stitching that I don't think I shall get any where near finishing the crazies this year sooo am not going to get stressed over it at all, full stop ...lol  
I want to get my RAKs done too and other stuff soo there it is in black and white ....
talking of black and white .. our wee man has been losing his puppy teeth this last couple of days and is now nicked named gummie ...lol I just had to take a photo to show you ....these ones I got yesterday and his other fang came out this morning :) and he lost another a few days ago ... soo bless his cotton paws he is feeling rather sorry for himself and wants lots of cuddles .....and seeing as I am around ;)
I must mention while I remember that Kath is having a bloggaverseary give away if you want to pop over :)

also please nip over to Ellens blog too and read her entry for this link .....I think it is very important that you  all do so ......

well if I waffle any more this will turn into a novel ...lol so I had better show the photos etc  there isn't any cake photos this week I am afraid  :(
Band one of Dawn of Spring designed by me :)stitched on purpleberryspludge by Sparklies using ambrosia caron silks 

my toothies hurt grannie 

Feb cottage CCN sal 

before wednesday sal with sally 

after  :)


see that tail wag :0

yummies from Niina for DD1

gorgeous moomin goodies :)

framed and finished whoop whoop 

pinned ready to lace (kath's stitching not mine )

sneak peek of DJ's can you guess what it is yet hahahah

framed now :)

wee puppy teeth :)

in my hay basket at the front of the mouse house

closer look gorgeous bluey green 

mothers day prezzies and a bit of baskitits ;)

PHEW another blog post is almost done hehhehe .....thank you all for your lovely comments ... it really does make my day when I read them :) well I had really better go and get back to mousely duties so I shall say t.t.f.n :0 take care and happy stitching till next time :) love mouse xxxxxx


natalyK said...

Love all of your stitchy goodness. You did a wonderful framing job. Thanks for sharing.

Maggee said...

Gosh--you ankle looked like it hurt! I hope it really is better by now! Love the hedgehogs--did I say that already?? Very nicely framed! Hugs!

Autumn said...

Ouchie on the foot. Hoping for quick recovery!

I thought Bentley was the family dog LOL April puppy sends him her understanding sympathies. She too is loosing puppy teeth.

Lovely projects as always.

Ruth said...

Oh Big Ole Ouchie to your ankle, hope it heals up soon without to much more bother. I think you should sit and stitch awhile.
Loved all the goodies and what a great job you did on framing both pieces, really beautiful.
Love a hot cross bun ta and had a refill but your out of choccie biccies again...my bad lol.
Really love the bule green colour of your plant, very vibrant.
You know I don't think its a biggie if the 15 don't get done. I look at the 15 as something to just organise what projects you MAY want to do in the year lol.
Next time I have the notion of Spring Cleaning I'm seriously going to rethink it...oh well better finish my cuppa and get back to it. Catch you later.

dixiesamplar said...

Love, love, love your stitching pics...but that ankle, OUCH! Glad to hear it is much better now though :o)

Bentley is a beauty...no matter who he really belongs too, LOL!

Lovely post goodies too...yummy.

Margaret said...

Ouch ouch on the foot and ankle!! Glad you were able to hobble home. Bentley's baby teeth -- lol! Brings back memories! I still have one of Mia's baby teeth, the only one I managed to save. The others just disappeared somewhere, but this one came out on my shirt when she was playing with me. :D Lovely stitching as always. And I'm so impressed that you can do your own framing. I need to learn how to do that!

Michelle said...

Oh Mouse that ankle looks painful. Love all your stitching pictures x

newfie princess said...

Mouse, so glad you are feeling better. That was a seriously big lump! Congratulations on Mothe's Day and your lovely presents :) We celebrate Mother's Day the second Sunday in May in Canada. It is so wonderful to read about special times in other countries. No worries about the cake - tea and a good natter is just fine! Have a wonderful day.

Vickie said...

aaaahhhh!! Your ankle!! My goodness! Please get well again! Love those flowers, never saw anything like those before. Easter Blessings to you. :)

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Oh, you poor dear! I'm so glad that your ankle is feeling better! It looks like you've got an awful lot done , though, even if you were crippled. I'm impressed! Love DD's present from Niina and the wonderful Mother's Day gift for you. What fun! Bentley looks sorry for himself. Give him a cuddle for me!


Laurie in Iowa said...

OMG your poor ankle... I do hope it's better now and will remain better.
I think it's wonderful that you are Bentley's grannie... that means you get to do all the spoiling and the DDs get to do the disciplining. lol :-)
Your stitching is lovely... as always.

Heather said...

Oh Mouse!!!! Your poor ankle! I hope it is well soon!!!

Your doggie is sooo cute!!

I love the hedgie picture!!! Who is the designer?

Your flowers are pretty! I love what you got for Mother's day!!

Love, Heather

gracie said...

Glad your ankle is better. It sure looked quite painful.

Meari said...

Ewww... I think the puppy teeth made me squirm more than your ankle. I've sprained my ankles a few times so I can empathize! Glad you're feeling better.

Great job on the framining. Do you use spacers when you don't use a mat? Your stitching is absolutely beautiful.

Poor, poor Bentley. ;-)

Barb said...

Hope you were waited on hand foot and finger Mouse that looks painful.
Love the stitching and Bentley well is just Bentleyish gorgeous. Hmm I remember those needles when they were ready to come out.
Thanks for the biscuits ,I did help myself ,now I am suitably refreshed I shall go get tea ready for the other half.

Angela said...

That ankle sure did look painful! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Love both of the framed pieces that you did. My Dad always does this for my Mom and I and I really should learn :)

Take care!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Mouse, your ouchie looks bad. I hope it's feeling better today. I had to giggle with the doggy disclaimer. Too funny! I'm thinking I'll be soon behind you finding little teeth around. Shelby is growing like a weed! Love the stitching bits. Your framing looks great. Hugs from here!

Lesleyanne said...

Wow your stitching looks gorgeous, all of it. Lovely gift received. Your ankle looks terrible I hope you are better soon.

Gillie said...

And for once I am not skating guiltily past the SAL because I haven't kept up....I HAVE! Yippee!

Maggie said...

Ouch, that ankle looks painful!
Stitching and goodies look lovely. It's been a really horrible day here today too, cold and raining, where did the sun go!


Ahhh--who are you trying to kid---
that puppy is really yours--even when bad!!!!
and lady when you decide to post, you post--next time I will have to get me a cuppa tea before I sit down to read!!!!
Love all those pieces you are working on--go get to stitching!!!
Hugs, Di

butterfly said...

Poor mouse hope you are ok.
Lovely gifts , great stitching and framing .
Enjoy all those goodies, hugs.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, glad your ankle feels better now, that looks like it was painful! And poor Bentley, he looks so sorry for himself. :) All of your projects are beautiful! The hedgehogs look great in their frame. :) Oh, the flowers are pretty too! I love to see the flowers!

Deborah said...

Your ankle looks painful. Hope it's better. All of your stitching looks wonderful. Poor Benley....Stella lost all her baby teeth and is feeling much better.

Shebafudge said...

Lovely stitching...but OUCH to that ankle. That looks extremely sore!

RuthB said...

I think Bentley sensed you were going to be forced to disclaim him and he was anxious thus the latest walk catastrophe...... He knows afterall that his is *yours.* ;-)

Now, please, no more crises in the midst of nowhere. We need our Mouse at full strength.

Lovely stitching and stashing!

BeckySC said...

BEEutiful framing on the ADORABLE hedgehogs :) GOOd job :)
(((sending you healing hugs))))

Christine said...

Ooh that ankle looks painful, hope it gets better soon.
I had no idea that puppies had baby teeth, you learn something every day.
The hedgehogs look great framed up

Nancy said...

Lovely stitching and framing! Hedgehogs looks wonderful! Glad your ankle is better, that looked like it must have hurt a lot! B

Linda said...

Looking at your ankle makes mine hurt. lol Great job on the framing. Wish I could do that good. Great progress on your pieces. Love the cottages.


Daffycat said...

Ouch! Poor Mouse!

Is the tooth fairy going to visit Bentley now? ROFLOL

Love love love the blue flowers. How gorgeous.

Thoeria said...

Oh my but those flowers of yours are gorgeous! Any idea what they're called?

The hedgehogs look lovely too. And your poor foot!

dulcinella said...

don't think I can be subtle about it:-) your ankle looks awful. that must hurt quite a bit. On the sunny side of it, if you can't walk around to do things, you have a wonderful excuse to sit down and stitch. at least that's what I do when flaring. Mind you it is not so that other people ask those excuses, it's the guilt that makes me think I need one:-)

you sure did some lovely stitching and also some very good framing!
take care of your ankle and yourself (and not only cause I can hardly wait till 10th of april:-))

pam said...

OUCH! You made my foot hurt. I hope you heal soon. hugs

♥ Nia said...

autch =/ Wish you a quick recovery dear!!
Lovely stitching, beautiful works you have there :) The frame looks perfect!

Patty C. said...

I hope the ankle feels better soon -
Your framing is just perfect ;)

pandy said...

aww I hope you heal quickly! that looks so sore! Lovely stitching as always :)

Ziggyeor said...

OUCH! I'm glad your foot is better now. The stitching is lovely as always.

Veronica said...

Ouchie! That ankle certainly does look bad. So glad that the pain's gone now. Bentley really does look pitiful. Wanna give him a hug to cheer him up.

Wow, your Dawn of Spring sure is colourful! February Cottage looks awesome as does Summer Splendor. You sure did a wonderful job with the hedgehogs framing. Celebrate Everything looks great too.


lorna said...

wow you have been busy, and ouch on the ankle ,looks painfull,glad its getting better though x x

Julie said...

Had a lovely catch up read here ... OUCH! the ankle looks so painful, and poor toothless Bentley, i hope the tooth fairy came to him in the form of puppy treats.
Dawn of Spring is stunning, what a great combo of thread/fabric you have chosen. Well done on the hedgies, splendid!
Happy stitching and thanks for hot cross bun, i'm a sucker for those lol

Sally said...

Your ankle looks very painful. Hope it's easing off now. Poor Bentley losing his baby teeth.

Beautiful stitching. I must get my WIP pic up but may as well do it tomorrow now seen as we'll be stitching again tonight!

Dawn of Spring is absolutely beautiful. Love those colours.

Anne said...

EEEK! That looks soooo painful dear! I'm glad that you told us it isn't hurting anymore. I feel weird....ok not going to pass out..phew!

Gorgeous WIP's you have going on! Great framed piece!! I've always known Bentley is your D1's doggie! Poor little guy loosing his teeth! Such pretty flowers!!


Carol said...

Oh, I love your Hedgehog all framed up, Mouse!! Your poor foot and those doggie teeth not so much! I do hope it heals quickly...

Love the SAL with Sally--I just got the threads for that piece and hope to start it very soon, too!

Wishing you a lovely Easter with your family :)

Catherine said...

Ouch! I do hope that your foot is feeling better!
Wonderful post as always. Lovely stitches, cute pup (not yours, got it), and great goodies!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

OMG, Grannie! Does it still hurt as much as it looks? Did Bently put his teeth under the pillow for snacks? Honestly, I've never seen cast off puppy teeth. Lovely finishes and stash all around!

Joysze said...

Oh... you poor baby!! Look at your ankle!!! :( Hope the swelling goes down soon. And poor Bentley.... :( I bet he comes to you for comfort. Hehehehe.

Hedgies look fantastic all framed up and boy... those flowers!!!!!! Spring Banner looks beautiful.... I'm nowhere close. LOL!!!

DJ said...

Oooooh...awwww...oohhhooohhh....owie...lovely....hahaha...hmmmmm...that about sums it up...LOL I'm always oohing and ahing over your posts, Mouse!! Lovely stitching, and your framing is superb! If I were my boss I would hire you! Give Bentley a cuddle for me!! I can't imagine WHAT you could be stitching for me, it wasn't much of a clue, but love the colors so far! I'm on tenderhooks waiting to see what it could be! Hope you are feeling better and better every day! *Hugs*

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow I hope your angle is on the mend! With swelling like that I would of gone to a&e myself!

The framed hedgehog looks adorable.

As usual all f your stitching looks great.

Susan said...

Mouse, I hope your ankle is doing better - it looks painful (and a perfect excuse to stay in a chair and stitch all day). Beautiful stitching. The framed hedgehog is great - perfect choice of frames.

Jo said...

Great stitching as always Mouse. oooh your poor foot looks so painful, hope you're getting about a lot more now.

Rhona said...

OMG your ankle looks sooooo painful! Hope everything is ok.
I do vaguely remeber you saying that Bentley was your DD's dog....but we all think of him as being yours!!!

Solstitches said...

You did a fantastic job on the framing. I must have a go.
You've done lots of lovely stitching and your band sampler design is very pretty.
Hope your ankle is feeling better.

Jenny said...

Your framed hogsies are just too adorable, Mouse!

Ouch on the foot - that looks really bad!!! Glad that you are already doing better! So good that you could actually hobble on home on that...

The Moomin package is the best!!!! And your Mother's Day package is not far behind - you got some awesome charts there!

Kiss the pup from me - poor little baby! LOL

TinaTx said...

I'll say that was some ouchie! Glad it is better. Be careful out there!
Nice stitching and framing. I haven't managed much of either. :( I have 3 pieces hanging on the door waiting for me to pick frames (no telling how many are in the closet waiting on the same)Can I buy more daytime hours? Unfortunately I'm no longer one of those people who can trade sleep for stitching time.