Tuesday, 21 February 2012

from RAKs to Hermit-ting and Beyond

Hi everyone :)
cooooo what a wonderful week .... I suggest you get that kettle filled up ... the cups are ready along with a angle cake slice or a biscuit to go with it :)
soooo where to start ... June sent me a lovely RAK of a mouse house design :) the mat comes with it with wee paw marks on it .... it is sooo lovely and was just the thing to brighten my day :)
I heard that the gifts I had stitched all arrived safely at their new homes and so I can finally reveal what I have been stitching away at these last few weeks  :) 
It was Becky's birthday on Saturday and my little stitched gift to her, actually arrived on the day ... what good timing was that ... she absolutely loves it PHEW ..lol and says it is sooo her 
Jo and Sally and Niina have received their 200 follower winner gifts  so I can show you those too (Inky 's yours is stitched just needs finishing hopefully today and then can be on its way;) 

for Jo I stitched part of the Romantique sampler(scroll down a few posts to see it almost done ..lol)  as she has always coveted it and wants to come over and sneak it to her house once finished ..lol ... I took the top off the fabric and used the same threads to do the rose for her ....
for Sally I stitched a freebie from Ewe and Eye and Friends Alphabet Heart in Gast claret I think it was :)
Niina I stitched the top part with the sampler girls freebie a little tea and then charted the finnish underneath with my own wee design to tie in together :) for  Becky I stitched the freebie ,A token of Friendship which I thought was just her (when I can find the link to say who designed  it... I will do :)

soooo the fun continues ....... in case you thought it was quiet at the mouse house over the week end .. you were right ..lol .. I escaped to the country and hermitted at Gillies house ..... 
the journey over was a wee bit wet but I saw the most amazing rainbow on the way there and strangely enough it was in the same place on the way back three days later ...lol  but when I arrived  the sun was out and stayed the whole time while light :)
I took with me all my crazy's and my country cottage sal along with my over locker as Gillie wanted to cut down the excess fabric on her crazies and have some more manageable pieces to work on :)
while I was there I received  my birthday surprise from DJ and I can't thank her enough as she spoiled me rotten and when you see the photo you will know why it has moved into my must stitch now pile ...lol 
soooo Gillie and I spent a productive weekend stitching and chatting while drinking tea with some cutting and punching ....that was me making floss tags while Gillie did her overlocking heheheh......we also had a wonderful pub meal on the saturday night and went for a lovely tootle (well they walked fast I just strolled..lol) after church on Sunday and took some lovely photos :)

and the outcome of all that stitching ..... I finished my first crazy of this year WHOOPPPP WHOOOP.....  Bloom by Threadwork Primitives ..... Gillie wanted it to stay at her house .. I said it was a good job I didn't mind stitching it twice ..lol (mmmm christmas prezzie sorted???? hahahah) 
and I almost finished the January Cottage  tooo .... just a few little bits and then I can move onto February's before March's get to the mouse house :)

I had a wonderful time at Gillies and we both didn't want it to end ... DH say's I can escape any time Gillie would like me back hehhehe.....
soooo are you ready for the photos ????
for Becky birthday :)

for Niina 

Bloom finished :)

birthday goodies from DJ :)

for Sally

For Jo

snowdrops at the mouse house :)

sign in Gillies kitchen

Gillies Church :)

gillie and WT forging ahead 

just stunning views on walk

cuppa and orts :)

Jan Cottage CC SAL

Bentley in his dragon costume :)
From June :) 
for Joyzeeee:)

Bentley taken today 

and again after a mad chase round the garden

hyacinth today :)

mmmmm Joyzeeeee I have taken some photos of my orchid for you but I can't seem to find them on the computer eeeekkk ... may not have up loaded them DOH ... I will find them for you :)(found and added and some more ..lol )
just had to include one of Bentley wearing his new scary outfit ..lol ... he is currently snoozing waiting to go on his pootle to the woods methinks thats where DD1 is taking him :)
well the kettle has just reboiled so any one want another one before I go and get some HW done ... now don't get too worried only sorting the washing out off the airers heheheh ...
soo there you go folks a wonderful end to a wonderful start  .... hopefully this week will just be as good and productive ... until next time, take care and happy stitching every one :) love mouse xxxxx


cucki said...

wow i love all your stitching finishes so much..they all so sweet..
beautiful pictures..and very sweet puppy..
big hugs cucki xx

And This Little Pig said...

Put the kettle on... my God I had to fill the urn :@ You have had a big week, lovely gifts, beautiful finishes, and Benson just gets more cute. Love his coat :@
LiBBiE in Oz

Shirlee said...

I so enjoyed all the photos! Bentley is adorable! Where do you live? That's a stunning view on your walk! Blessings, Shirlee

Anonymous said...

You are on a roll, what lovely gifts!!! I agree with Shirlee... Love that view! And Bentley is just too cute... ;o)

Margaret said...

Wow, what a lot of gifts and such you have done! And Bloom is beautiful! How nice that you got to enjoy time at Gillie's. She has a beautiful church and beautiful country side too. Bentley is adorable, of course! Love his dragon outfit -- so cute!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful weekend! Your finishes and stitches look great! Love the snowdrop and cute pics of the pup!

TinaTx said...

Great finishes! You have been busy!
Love Bently's new outfit.

Maggee said...

Lovely post Mouse! You weren't kidding about settling in to read it all! Your RAK's were lovely--I saw a few already posted on others' blogs! And Bloom is really cute! Bentley is going to have to endure a lot of spoiling isn't he? Such a life! Hugs!

Susan said...

You had a busy week/weekend, but it sounds like fun. The RAKs and gifts are beautiful. Bentley is really too cute and given his sweet face he needs something scary or he will never pass muster as a guard dog. 8-)

Ruth said...

Really great stitching and sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend. Loved all the pictures and I can see why DJ's present went straight to the to stitch pile. Congratulations on the first finish of the challenge its a wonderful feeling isn't it.

Julie said...

Super gifts for your friends.
What a nice way to spend a few days, the church looks beautiful and the views looks splendid. Love hte sign in Gillie's kitchen, made me smile.
Congrats on the first finish of the crazies.

Teresa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Always a good time stitching with a friend. Your stitching gifts are lovely.
I like the snowdrops, never seen them before.
Bentley is looking cute as always.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stithches

Ziggyeor said...

Cute pictures and I love the progress stitching. At the rate of my starts I won't get anything finished!

~*Shar*~ said...

Great finishing; love the pillow for Becky. Glad you had a good weekend hun..

Hugs, Shar

gracie said...

Wonderful post! I just hope I can submit the security code now!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You give us so many lovely stitching gifts and WIPs to admire. Everything is wonderful. Love little Bentley the Dragon.

Beth said...

So much to share - I love 'Bloom' - Bentley the Dragon is too cute - and Gillie lives in a lovely area!

Anne said...

Oooh!! Lovely little gifties you made there my dear!! Love the Finnish adjustment you made and I really love that pattern!!! Sounds like you had loads of fun with Gillie!! That walk must have been wonderful! Love the views!! I spy with my little eye a little dragon doggie!! Super cute costume!! Nice that you can keep an orchid. I've killed mine :( Love the picture of that snowdrop peeping out telling you it's almost time for spring :D


Christine said...

What a lot of wonderful stitching and finishing!
Glad you enjoyed your weekend

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Ooo... with all the beautiful prezzies you've been sending out, I can't wait to see what mine will be! : ) I shall start stalking the mailman next week.

How fun that you and Gillie were able to get together to stitch. I think I would have asked you to leave Bloom at my house as well. I had to look it up and add it to my wish list ... you enabler, you!!

So glad that you had a nice birthday. I haven't sent your card yet, which is ok, cuz it wasn't a birthday one and now you can look forward to getting some mail "just because"... sometime when I take time to actually write in it!! : )

I love the present DJ sent! You'll have it stitched up in no time, I'm sure!

Give Bentley a hug for me!


Sarah said...

Looks like there is lots going on at the mouse house! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, the pictures of the church and your walk are just stunning.

Veronica said...

Beautiful, beautiful stitching and finishing! How nice... I love rainbows. In fact, I'm named after one (my Chinese name that is) I saw a full rainbow for the first time in my life this year and my, was I excited.

Lovely photos. That sign in Gillies kitchen made me laugh. Love Bentley's dragon costume. So, so cute.


Elaine said...

What a wonderful week-end nothing nicer than spending time with a stitchy friend.
Beautiful stitchy gifts for your friends and lovely birthday gift too.
Bentley is so cute!

Michelle said...

Stunning photos Mouse and I although I adore all your stitching I LOVE the Token of Friendship one, Glad you had such a nice time xx

♥ Nia said...

Lovely pillows =)
Oh! a snowdrop!! so pretty :D I love those, I've been looking for them here but couldn't find yet.. better luck next year :p

Astrid's dragon said...

You have been a busy mouse, lovely gifts! And getting away to stitch with a friend is always a good thing.

Dragon Bentley is just precious, I think I need to add him to my collection!


Joysze said...

Mouse, your posts are always SUCH a treat!!! :D Love the sign on Gillie's kitchen cabinet door... ROFL!!!!

OOOOOOOH, purdy orchid!! Thanks for indulging me.

The gifts you sent out are gorgeous and awww, Bentley.... so cute. Give him a big hug for me. :D

Flowers!!! I can't wait to see your garden bloom.

Nicola said...

Wonderful post, Bentley is adorable in his dragon costume.

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Wowsers Mouse, you have been busy... FYI, if you were wondering what to send to AUS for Chrissy, that there Bloom sampler would suit just fine (what's one more bunny from the British Isles!!!)

Lovely pics of your visit to Gillie's. You're lucky she and her WT didn't kit up for their Nordic (??) walking (with the 'poles' et al). Your pic would have had just a little puff of dust in the distance...

Hope those pretty flowering plants are up out of Bentley's reach - I have memories of a certain puppy chomping on pretty well every flower (and some greenery) that emerged within reach in my backyard one year. Love his dragon outfit too, so scary -hahahaha.

Liz x

Denise SA said...

What lovely finishes and nice prezzies you have given and received. Love all the photos.

stitchesnscraps said...

What beautiful finishing you do! The stitching's not half bad either! lol! I don't know how you get any stitching done with Master Bentley around! I would just hug and cuddle with him all the time! Such cuteness! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa J.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I always enjoy all of your pictures of your adventures and of course your stitching. What a great way to spend a weedend with a friend.
Love the puppy.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Wow... what an amazing weekend you had... and so many gorgeous stithing gifts :D Congratulations... and Bentley is soooooo cute :D

DJ said...

Love all your stitching!! Love the pictures from Gillie's too. I am so happy you liked the gift, though you knew you were getting half of it anyway *wink*. Will try to get that March pattern in the mail soon...it's busy at the house of DJ. Bentley is just adorable! *Hugs*

Rebecca said...

Love all your stitching Miss Mouse! And can I say I prefer my decor now, too! HAHHAHAHAH You crack me up!


Rhona said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! lovely stitching too. As for the kitchen sign...too funny! I sooooo have to get one for my hubby! lol

Kate said...

You've been busy. Lovely stitching. Great photos.

Jo said...

awww Bentley looks so sweet. Great stitching I love the "A little tea" and the colours are so cheerful.

Carol said...

Something else we have in common besides our love of stitching, Mouse--we've both had the pleasure of meeting Gillie :)

Lovely stitching and boy is Bentley getting big!

Daffycat said...

Bentley is a cutie-pie! I love-love-love the green picket fence and snowdrops peeking through.

Nice ORT pile!

Thoeria said...

Just gorgeous stitching! Love your mouse :) Glad you had a good hermitting weekend :) And congrats on your first crazy finish!

Siobhán said...

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous stitching! And finishing! :) You must have had loads of fun with Gillie as well--it's always nice to get together with like minded friends!

That pup is just so adorable--makes me want to go and get another one just to enjoy that puppy stage. Then I remember house training and think--nah... ;)

Sally said...

Everything looks absolutely gorgeous Mouse :) I love my pin cushion. It is so pretty. Love your Bloom finish!

Sounds like you had a fantastic time with Gillie:)

Bentley is as adorable as ever.

By the way where did you buy those gorgeous pins from?

newfie princess said...

Lovely stitching Mouse. I hope you are feeling springy again soon!