Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hermitting and lots of stitching and goodies :)

Hi every one :)

It was the night of the hermitting when all through the house 
not a creature was stirring except for a mouse,
she sat with her needle and stitched through the night 
with a cuppa in one hand and a light to her right. 
She weaved her magic with colours of thread 
with thoughts of new projects dancing in her head,
she stitched tiny kisses till the breaking of light 
and she knew then then end of the chart was in sight.
She put down her needle and scampered to bed 
where she dreamed of more patterns and lots of new thread :)

Its amazing what you can come up with when you are stitching in the wee hours of the morning ... heheheh .. hope you like my wee poem :)

Well I had a lovely start to the week when the postie brought me my Needle book from Ally  we were exchange partners for the Autumn Needlebook exchange over on Friendly Stitchers .. she stitched me the pumpkin design by JBW designs in the recommend floss on a cream even weave .... picture to follow.....  and I also received from my secret pen pal   a cute halloween gift of a candy corn bag filled with yummies including some peeps and gummy rats and a really cute  Doodles design from Hob -Nobb designs called swirling leaves .... thank you ever soooo much .... I still have some of the yummys left and am slowly working my way through them :) DD wants the bag after she was a wee bit jealous that I had got it hehehehe
 I also received some lovely threads off Jillann for my calender girl month over on Friendly Stitchers which I have lovingly drooled  and fondled heheheh
and I have sent my ornaments off to the attic needlework shop to raise some funds for the breast cancer cure and I've sent my pen pal letter off and hope she receives it soon :)
I got my sewing machine out  in the week and finished the needlework shop into a cushion along with some hand stitched cards I had received  and one that I had stitched many years ago ... you may be able to tell its on aida !!! I also made some up for kath too which she picked up when she and Bev and Chris came to the mouse house on Thursday night for the stitching night ..... we all got lots done and lots of tea drunk too ... I worked on my Poinsettia House and stitched some more of it on Saturday  after tea :)

I went out Saturday afternoon with my friend Tina and we went to the local garden centre were we indulged in a wonderful hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and a fresh cream scone tooo .... very bad of me I know and I paid for it late but hey ho hehehehehhe (photo was took ;)
we had a wander round before we headed back to her house for a cup of tea .. it was thirsty work catching up with each other heheheh 

I had a conversation with DJ a few weeks ago and said mmmm your birthday is coming up soon isn't it ... answer yes ... thought ooo got time to do something for it .... this week sent an email saying I was going to be late for an important date .... I forgot about posting times over the pond DOH !!!!! any ways that's what I was doing till the wee small hours on Friday night and on Saturday I finished her wee present which will be in the post asap along with her "Wet Noodle prize" (she came 2nd) in our group "the friendly stitchers" competition .... of who had worked on their UFO's and finished any through out the year ... progress photos were put up during the year and was voted on by the group .... we ran this competition in memory of one of our members Alison Joy  who wielded  the wet noodle for many a year .......

Cindy are you there ???? this next bit is for you :) my haed design was screaming at me today and seeing as it was hermitting weekend  and I was doing it I took it out of its folder and said now then what's up
I had started it ages and ages ago and as things go  other projects came to the front of the queue and it got left behind :( .. I had started the stitching 2 over 1 but wasn't happy about the untidy coverage ... didn't think it was my stitching  and sooo I took it all out today and re started it 1 over 1 and I am much happier with the result and carried on stitching the design until tea time ... so I shall show you the progress photo in a wee while  yippppeee I hear your cry hehehehh 
Have just put the kettle on for you all ... any one want a piece of Chocolate Swiss roll ??? 
Righty ho I am fortified with my cuppa soooo here finally are the photos of progress , cream cakes and some flowers too :) Not to mention the start of the Halloween decorations going up !!!!!
goodies from my pen pal

from Ally 

calender girl goodies from Jillann

my Christmas cards made into cushions

Needle work shop LHN 

Tina and I's cream tea

Spooky decorations


black eyed susans

poinsettia house LHN

Afternoon Tea HAED

ornament one 

ornament two

So there you have it for this week :) hope you have enjoyed the photos and I must thank you all for the lovely comments .. I do enjoy getting them :)
hope you have a great stitchy week :0 till next time take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx


Pete's Pixie said...

Oooh well done missus - and what a nice idea for your old cards; I have got so many of them lying around ..... hint hint hehe. Glad you liked the needlebook and of course I loved mine and it will be well used I can tell you. Your cream tea has made me hungry now too. See you soon xxxxx

Parsley said...

I'm so excited about all you've told us and shown us in this post. The 'cream tea' tell because it looks delish!

What fun pen pal items!!

And the stitchy fun!

Maggie said...

Sounds like a busy week!
The little needle-book is cute and what a great idea to turn your cards into pillows :-)

Loved the photos on your last post too, must have missed that one - ops!

Have a great week :-)

Margaret said...

Love love all the stitching pieces! Cream tea -- sounds so yummy!

Beth said...

Cream tea! Oh I should start that as an American tradition I think!

pandy said...

oooh lovely! especially the scone, that looks soo yummy! take care! :)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

I absolutely LOVE your cute little poem! I'm not a Hermiter, but I laughed nonetheless :) Glad to hear that you've got lots of new stitchy goodies, and I must say that hot chocolate looks divine - just my kind of cocoa, one where you can't actually see the drink for all the cream!

Ruth said...

Love the poem and what a wonderful way to start off your weekend with lovely post. I love all your sewing accomplishments and I'm looking forward to seeing more on your ponisettia house and your HAED. I do believe I have this chart in my to do pile and its gorgeous.

Susieq said...

What a creative poem. Love your finishes and the chocolate and scones look yummy.

Ranae said...

Reading your poem was delightful.
Wow! you had a very good post day
Sweet ornament 1 and 2
Take Care

Barbara said...

We have a new poet and her name is Mouse!! All the stitchey items are so beautiful.

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Great poem Mouse, cream cakes look divine, very sweet of you to share with us:)

Karen said...

What a cute poem! Looks like you have gotten such goodies and been very busy!

happy stitching....

Cindy said...

hehehe...i loved your poem! Your goodies received are wonderful too....i went and made me some hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmallows and had a snicker bar after seeing your pics too! And all your stitchy goodies are wonderful....hope you have a great week!

Catherine said...

Love your poem!!! Great goodies and that tea - sounds yummy!!!

Myra said...

You are a poet and we didn't know it! Tee hee! I enjoyed every word. Wonderful goodies you received and i love your pillows for the auction.

Tricia said...

Mouse, I love your poem!!! You have been a busy little rodent this week. : ) I think my favorite is the little noel card that you made into a pillow. Adorable!!

CindyMae said...

Love Love Love the poem . . .too cute! All the pics are wonderful, stitching is gorgeous and the finishes as well. Love all the goodies you received. Great post, thanks for sharing!

Bec said...

Love the poem! Very clever! :)

Lovely goodies. The pillows are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Delightful poem, very clever!!

Your ornaments look lovely, especially the blue bauble. Beautiful finishing! Loving the LHN needleshop too, you have been busy

Lesleyanne said...

Loved your poem. All of your stitching is gorgeous, love your pillows. Great progress on Ponsietta House. Your gifts are lovely.

Ali said...

Ooh you are always so busy - gorgeous makes Love the cushions you have made xxx

Diane (di) said...

Love the poem Mouse and those ornaments are wonderful. Beautifully finished, too. Looking forward to your progress on the HAED. As for the cream tea... yum!

Thoeria said...

What a busy mouse you've been :-)
I LOVE the poem - had me giggling!
And thanks for the idea - using stitched cards and making them into pillows - or something else.
Super gifts too.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Creative is your middle name right?! That poem is awesome. You should stitch it up.
Thanks for sharing all the photos too, great finishes.
Be always in stitches.

Kaisievic said...

Great poem, Mouse. It does sound like a busy but fulfilling weekend.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Charity C. said...

Your poem is so cute! Very good indeed! I love all your pictures! You have been a very busy mouse! LOL!

stitchesnscraps said...

What a lovely poem! I had a little chuckle with my morning coffee! What lovely exchanges you have recieved! You lucky Mouse! And your stitching is divine! Thanks so much for sharing!


Susan said...

Sounds like a busy, productive week. Loved the poem. Your finishes, as always, are lovely. The tea looks absolutely decadent!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mouse! I just became a follower. Done lurking! I'll take a piece of that Chocolate Swiss Roll! Your wee poem is fabulous! Wow! What a cream tea.

Penny said...

Love your poem. :) What lovely goodies you received. Cute cushions and beautiful stitching!

cucki said...

very sweet poem..i love it so much :)
everything is just so beautiful..and the pillow is so sweet..
love the yummy scones :)
hugs xxx

Tracey said...

Busy busy Mouse! Love your finishes and your gifties.. I want that candy corn bag! too cute!! Your tea and scones look heavenly- it's ok to splurge once in a while. ;)

Jackie said...

I loved your poem Mouse. I can't say I think of poems in the wee mornings; but I certainly come up with a laundry list of plenty of things to do. LOL
You had an eventful week Mouse.
TFS darling.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Loved your poem mouse and what a bunch of lovely goodies you got :), your projects are looking gorgeous and your cream tea.... ooohhh yummy :)

DJ said...

You are a poet, Miss Mouse!! I'm so sorry you thought you had to stay up late and stitch for me...I would have waited! Hope you are well rested now!! I love what you did with your cards, I MUST learn how to sew!! That was a creative idea! I love your starts, but especially love Poinsettia House!! Can't wait to see the finish! You got lots of nice goodies, can't wait for the package I sent you to arrive. I'm not sure the Halloween decorations will fit in with what you've got there already...but I hope DS likes them! *Hugs*

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great poem! Now you must stitch it into a sampler.

Love the photos, but a little confused by the Spooky Decorations, it looks like my house normally!

Anne said...

The poem is cute my dear!! I like the style :D It sounds like you have had a fun packed week and weekend!! All those goodies and exchanges are lovely! Your pillows are finished perfectly as usual! Loving that cream puff there..mmmm!!!

Question, are you doing your 1 over 1 on 25ct? Cause I'm on 28ct and its nuts!!

Meari said...

Hmmm... Where to start? Where to start?

Poem was cute! Your cushions turned out adorable. Love the package you received. And Yummo for the choco and scones. Mmm!

Rhona said...

Oh Mouse! I do love reading your blog, you make me smile every time!Your poem was wonderful...the dreaming of new patterns and thread is so true!
Love all your stitching, your new goodies and all your finishing. How on earth do you manage to get it all done? I want to know your secret! lol

Veronica said...

I absolutely love your little poem. It's great! LOL!

That pumpkin needlebook is adorable and everything else looks yummy, especially the cream tea ^.^ Getting hungry just looking at it.

Sweet pillow you made out of needlework shop. The fabrics is just perfect for it.


Sally said...

Looks ( and sounds) like you have been very busy dear Mouse. Everything looks wonderful, inclduing those scones!

Joysze said...

First off.... LOOOOOOVE your poem!

Man those scones look divine and that hot chocolate sounds absolutely yummilicious. :D

I love all your pics, have to say, I jumped straight to them after reading your poem before going back to your post. ;)

Denise SA said...

Dear Mouse
Could you possibly send some of those cream teas down this way?
They look much better than the raisin scone I ad at the Victoria and Albert (only had about 10 raisins in it )
The finishes are looking good too.

EvalinaMaria said...

You are so talented! I love your poem! With all that cream - is it hot chocolate or a tea? I'm not so sure I would like all that cream and marshmallows in a tea but certainly I would love them in a hot chocolate. Beautiful stitching - congrats!

AlessandraLace said...

lovely blog. hugs

ccflo said...

Hi Mouse, I'm here.

Great start on Afternooon Tea. It is really fun to stitch.

Did you save me any of the hot chocolate & cream scones? Sounds yummy.

Kathy Ellen said...

Love seeing all your photos of all the wonderful gifts you received, your great Christmas cards pillows and of course the beautiful Needlework Shop. MMMMM....wish I could take a bite of those delicious looking ice cream goodies!

Beautiful progress on LHN Poinsettia the colors. There is just so much to feast the eyes upon here!

Lois said...

Love the poem! Great pics of lots of wonderful goodies both stitched and otherwise!

TinaTx said...

Love the poem! Very creative of you!
Looks like you have been a busy little mouse!

Carol said...

What a busy mouse you've been--you must have been up all night working away :)

Love your little poem and all those goodies you received in the mail. Enjoy :)

Julie M said...

Hi Mouse! I can't believe it has taken me so long to visit your blog. I love all the stitching pictures and your poem is awesome! Too cute!

The cream tea looks delicious!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What wonderful gifts you have received and you did a beautiful job on the pillows