Saturday, 9 July 2011

Just squeaked in :)

Hi every one :) hope your week as been less hectic than mine ... honestly you would think that things would have calmed down by now but nope  ..... as the week wore on it got worse heheheh
Soooo may be you'd better put the kettle on now all ready and waiting
I was stitching furiously at the beginning of the week and also at the finish hehehe
and in between well I was playing taxi to both DD's and taking the wee DD out around lots of houses / flats to rent to find somewhere new to live .....
If anybody has ever been through this before or going to be in the future ..... I couldn't believe some of the sights that greeted my eyes !!!!

I have got my model stitching finished :) and off in the post today on its merry way and I just squeaked in ... in getting it sent today as our Post Office closes  early doors on a Saturday ....

From this this am 
And I just squeaked in with the Romantique Sal ...... you have to send your updates to the designer before you get the next ones ..... I think its a really good way of making sure you start and finish the piece but  some months there has been a lot of stitching in the sections and this month with stitching so many other things on a deadline it was a close shave .... as the new parts come out tomorrow !!!! 
But as you can see I did it :)
On Thursday I met up again with my fellow stitcher's but at a different house and we discovered that her brother works with my DH .... this world is getting smaller
to finish this pm :0
I sat and stitched on my needlework shop by LHN and I also did a wee bit after tea tonight on it sooooo i shall show you the progress on this too ... not much more to stitch on it now Yipppee :)
as of tonight :)

I sat down tonight and made a very BIG effort to finally decide and choose what I wanted for my wonderful gift certificate that I won from Peggy at and my final choice was .... mmm should I tell or should I wait and show once its arrived .. ... you want to know now ??? well I shall just pop the kettle on then I shall spill the beans heheheheh
Ok I'm back with tea , coffee and hot chocolate specially for Sandra if she's reading this also got some biccies to dunk too ... a drink is toooo wet with out one hehehe...
sooo with out further ado I chose ....

Melicent Turner Sampler
Pink Hill Manor - Anniversaries of the Heart Pattern 4
Happy Birthday (Anniversaries of the Heart)
Wild Lilies BBD
The Bookstore,LHN
Moon and Stars, LHN
Paper Whites, LHN
28 Ct. Sand Quaker Linen (18x27)

There was a wee bit of Baskititis in there as I really couldn't whittle it down and I can't wait now for the postie to visit the mouse house  .....*VBG 

the Silkie type one
well I can't leave you till I have put up an update on the wee chickens .... they have been enjoying a tootle around the garden in a bigger cage .. we just used the top to keep them contained and to stop any beasties getting at them (we have one or two cats in the area ) The are doing really well and have started to get their proper feathers so look a wee bit punkified at the moment  bless their cotton paws

rest of the gang Buff Orphingtons
Tomorrow we are off to Blackpool to see my Dad and hopefully the weather will at least be kind to us and not rain ... sooo I shall leave you for now and catch up with you all again soon :0.... take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx


Margaret said...

Love the stitching! You picked some good things to buy with your prize! I bet you'll be stalking the mailman in the coming days. The little chicks are so cute!

Jenny said...

Oh Mouse, what a wonderful shopping spree! Lots of goodies to spend wonderful times with!

The romantic SAL looks very, very romantic and sooo pretty - the colors are fantastic. Yu-mee!

Love the chickie pickies. They are just too cute! I have a tiny parrot sitting here on my laptop while writing this note to you. And I have the obligatory tea to sip on too...

Ranae said...

I love purple, therefore I love, love the SAL piece.
Oh! you picked some awesome stash, how fun!
The chickies are adorable
I see you are on the Blackbird group

Teresa said...

First it is too hot to put on the kettle so I am enjoying a nice tall glass of ice tea today while I blog. Love stitching pieces and you did good with you gift card. Thanks for the chick update, I was wondering how they were doing.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Denise said...

Stitching looks awesome - and the stash I'll have to look up. Can't wait to see the pic!

Have fun with your Dad!

Carol said...

Lots of squeaking going on over there, Mouse! Glad you managed to meet those deadlines :)

You sure ordered some nice stash--what will you work on first?

Bienvenue... said...

your chickies are so cute!
what a nice stash you bought!
Happy stitching,

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your SAL. I love the needlework shop. You've ordered some great things with your gift voucher. Your chicks are doing great. Congrats on being picked for a privage exchange with Angela.

Christine said...

The chicks are growing so fast!
Nice stash haul with your gift certificate, and great progress on your SAL.

Peggy Lee said...

My goodness you've been a busy mouse! I wish there were people around here who cross stitch so we could get together. Maybe there are and I just don't know it???

Looks like you had fun shopping. I can't wait to see pics of your new stash when it arrives. I'd be stalking the mailman too!

Hope you have a great day with your Dad.

Ali said...

Ooh you've been busy again!! Lovely stitching cant wait to see your makes from your win xx

Susan said...

Your Romantique is really coming along beautifully! Great stash choices! Good luck with DD's flat search, I hope to never move again but do remember the "joy" of looking.

cucki said...

hi, i really love the stitching..looking so lovely..and the little chicks are so cute..keep well dear xx

Donna said...

Aww the chicks are SOOO cute!!! and your stitching is great, Happy Stitching

mdgtjulie said...

Every time I see your chicks I think, "Awwww, how cute!!!!!" Your stitching is coming along well. Grats on finishing your audition piece, and for finishing up the RS. It's gorgeous. And not much to go on the LHN Needlework Shop. Have fun stalking the postman!

Ann said...

Love the Needlework Shoppe piece. I hope to stitch several of the pieces from that group one day, but changing the wording underneath to the name of one of the shops I grew up with (my needlework shop will be Stitch-n-Stuff, for instance).

Beautiful work, and I love those chicks!

Lissanne said...

The Romantique is so beautiful!! I can't wait to see more of it!

Pete's Pixie said...

Better late than never eh? Chickies are coming on so well and I enjoyed hearing them cheeping away on the phone this morning - love what you spent your gift certificate on and I am looking forward to seeing which one gets kitted up first! Glad you enjoyed your day out - where's my photo of the ice cream them? Hugs, Ally xxx

DJ said...

Hi Mouse! Your chickies are adorable! Great stash enhancement package you have coming in the mail...what fun to receive that kind of mail, huh? LOVE your stitching, your Sampler Romantique is coming out beautifully!! I'm surprised I can't see smoke signals coming from your house across the pond from those smoking needles! *wink* *Hugs*

Veronica said...

Whee... You made it for the SAL. It's looking real good. So have you started the new parts yet? I have yet to do so. You're almost done on Needlework Shop too. Sure sounds like you've been busy. Look forward to seeing pics of your stash mail.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Your Romantique SAL piece is just lovely!!! Congrats on your win!

Meari said...

Oh, are you moving? Or the DD?

Your stitching is beautiful and you made the deadline. Good for you.

What a great stash you ordered. How fun to shop for free!

Val said...

Great stash haul Mouse :)

Val x

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I think you made some good choices! I just got the new Melicent Turner sampler too on my stitching retreat trip.

Love the stitching! It really looks nice.

Those chicks are too dang cute.

"pappi puikoissa" said...

Oh, how cute little chickens :D!

(And you read that translated text from my blog quite well. I'm very happy with my magazines, that I got at last - the old one with that clothesline - if that's a right word? - and birds, too. I love laundry theme and birds in cross stitches...)

Kathy said...

Beautiful stitching as always. :) I'm glad you made your stitching deadline. That always feels good.

The chickies are so cute. Love their coloring.

Enjoy your new stash!

butterfly said...

Beautiful stitching, and cute chicks.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Aw, your little chicks are so cute! Great stitching on the Romantique SAL - your colours are beautiful. Congrats on your gift certificate (I'd find it hard to choose too!), and it looks like the Needlework Shop is shaping up great :)

Lynn B said...

Oh those chicks are simply gorgeous, of course your stitching is too! lol

Thanyou for the lovely comment on my giveaway, I have entered your name twice - good luck!

Kind regards

Lynn B

Sally said...

Your stitching is coming along beautifully Mouse :)

Sounds like you have some lovely new stash on the way:) Love your choices!

TinaTx said...

Glad you got some stitching in! Nice list of things you picked - bet you are stalking the mailman!

Ali said...

Lol- yes bop along - we can swap notes on cards and sewing - it might be all one sided though - I fear you may be the font of all knowledge - while I tend to bumble along :-) xx