Tuesday, 14 December 2010

OHHHH more to come !!!! snow that is ..lol

Hi everybody ..... just when you think you can step out safely on three legs !!! it has forecast more of the white stuff for the weekend ... don't get me wrong I love it when it comes down and is all lovely and fresh and it is safe ish to go for a pootle especially with a walking stick but that's it ... I was house bound for above a week and was unable to get the car out as DH had to put all the snow from his part of the drive onto mine so he could get the van out eventually to get to work....
from dd's window
 sooooo moan over heheheh except will show you some of the icicles that were hanging from DD bedroom guttering..... 

the good side though was I was able to get a bit of stitching done and some card making too ready for the big event next weekend .. I think  I've made nearly 30 cards but only taken a picture of the first batch as I was so trying to get them finished and wrote to get them in the post in time !!!!
just a few made !!!
Nancy from friendly stitchers designed a lovely Christmas ornament for the group as her Christmas present to us  and I was lucky enough to get the first peep and able to sew it as well so here is my little Ogee. I stitched it on some pink sparkly even weave with a fushia pink DMC thread and added iridescent beads to the snowflakes and also made a iridescent beaded tassel for it too ... I think that I slightly over stuffed it as it is supposed to be more Kite shaped than mine but I didn't stiffen the fabric either ....I've also been working on the LHN needlebook chart and  it is now shouting rather loudly at me to finish the roof off (only 2 rows to do !!) and then I've to do an inner bit for it and make it up so I shall show you the progress so far :)

Nancy's Design
LHN needlebook
I am stitching it on a piece of Polstitches fabric called chestnut and the recommended DMC threads and am really liking how it is turning out :) hopefully by the next time I post it shall be finished and put together .

I have had my arm twisted by a few individuals from the LHN and CCN Yahoo group .. you know who you are ladies hehehehe to do the 15 new starts from the first of January 2011 to the 15th and then finish them all before the end of the year ..... so I have gone through my stash and have chosen my charts and luckily have all the threads required for them ... not too sure have got enough fabric but I shall wing it somehow  soooo my list is as follows (give or take a change or two ..lol)
  1. winter whites
  2. garden pleasures
  3. needlework shop
  4. bee sampler
  5. natures beauty
  6. poinsettia house
  7. thread gathering
  8. hollies and berries
  9. necessities sampler
  10. my needles work 
  11. queen bee
  12. the rain fell
  13. daisy lane cottage
  14. rose cottage 
  15. the tea room
Not sure which I will start with first but I shall take photos each day and put on the blog when I update so you can see and also make a record of them as well :)
So there you are its in writing ...lol
Ok if you have managed to get this far thanks ..lol and you deserve a cuppa hehehe... mine's tea white no sugar ( got to watch the waist line ..lol)

Take care one and all hope that every one has a lovely Christmas and merry new year 2011 ..if I don't manage to blog again before the festivities I will see you very soon .. so happy stitching, crafting or whatever hobby you do to keep sane hahahah
love mouse xxxxxxx


Tricia said...

Hey, I resemble that "twisting your arm" remark!! :-) Your list looks fabulous, Mouse! and I love, love, love your needlebook. That pattern is on my Christmas wish list. I love sheep and it's *so* cute!! I'm off for my cuppa - of coffee, that is. Mine's half milk, half coffee with lots of vanilla coffee syrup. :-)

blueladie said...

Beautiful cards, Mouse. They are creative and colorful! TFS all the pics. I really enjoyed looking. :) Cathryn

MaryT said...

Really lovely cards and your stitching is really pretty too. good luck on the challenge:)

Mary Louise

Kathy said...

The cards are just lovely. And I love your list for the challenge. I am joining , have joined the wip challenge. I have way more than 15 and it sure would be nice to finish some of them off. :)

Joy said...

Pretty cards & ornie! Great list for the challenge! Almost time!

DJ said...

Hey, Mouse, I left a comment here the day you posted...hm...sometimes I wonder about the internet! Love your list, and I'll tell you a secret...if I finish those two charts on your "wish list" first, I'll send them to you when I'm done...how's that? Hope you are finally out from under all that snow...are you? I'll send some of the politicians to the south of me over there, and they can ward off any more snow with their hot air like they do here! LOL *Hugs*