Sunday, 25 April 2010

Time flies when you're having fun

Hi everybody hope this finds you all well and stitching to your hearts content or at least to how much time you have to do it 

Well i'm in trouble from my eldest dd for not saying that she came to knaresbrough with Ally and i  and that she picked the colours and frame for my Celtic Summer , she wants me to stitch all of them NOW !!!! so that she can have them in her own house when she finally gets one
I have been very busy teaching my youngest dd how to decorate her room (wall papering and painting) and how to sand the floor and stain it.  I'm pleased to say that a good result is achieved all round and she should move back in tonight :)

On my stitching front i'm pleased to announce da da da daaaaa that i've finished simple blessings and not only that but its framed onto the canvas and up on the little easel too :) its to remind me of my friendship with Abi and that she introduced me to friendly stitcher's :)

I've also re put The Castle back onto my frame and have started to put more stitches into it. I'm going to stitch a couple of small items in between doing it as well as finishing off the Beau Bands designed by Abi . I'm ready to start at page 3 now so i shall show you how its progressing :)
It hopefully will be a hussif once completed lined with the same colours of silk dupion as the stitching to hang at the side of my stitching chair in my craft room / conservatory to hold things like pkts of needles etc :)
I've also stitched a piece for an exchange which i shall show once its been received as its late going off due to the plane stoppages as well as a letter to DJ ;) 

I think this is all for now so i shall get back to my little room and get on with a bit of stitching for my sanity 
take care one and all :)
 love mouse xxxx


MrsB said...

Lovely finish!

I like the band sampler, too...

MarchAnn58 said...

Mouse, your band sampler is beautiful and I like the sampler too. Keep going strong.

Abi said...

Simple Blessings looks great on it's little easel - great way of displaying it! And Beau Bands is looking gorgeous, too . .(although I may be a bit biased, LOL!)
Well done, babes! :-)

Gillie said...

Hmm, not sure about stitching for sanity - sometimes making those little crosses drives me deeper into terminal bewilderment! Love your little easel for displays and well done on Beau Bands!

DJ said...

You've been a busy little mouse haven't you? Love your stitching and the way you have your Simple Blessings displayed. Now that you've finished teaching your daughter how to refinish/decorate/wallpaper, how would you like an all expense paid trip to the US to teach me? LOL I could use a lesson or two in card making too...wouldn't that be fun? I'm itching to read the letter. Thanks! *Hugs*

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Some of the best lessons you're teaching your DD. BEautiful stitching - and nice that it has the calming effect!!

Maureen said...

i love how you have framed your sampler. and your beau bands are coming along beautifully